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Monday, 28 October 2013 00:00

Ricky Martin's Bon Bons: Still Good

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I remember Ricky before he was a talent show judge, before he was a father to twins, heck - before we all even knew he was gay. But all of those things have just made him that much more likeable. He's not refusing to foster young minds or womanising to within an inch of his abadabas, no - he's a dude and he's happy to give the people what they want. With added chutzpah.

His concert last week was no exception. And here's why: he did an outfit change for EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. Take note, international artists - this is what we want from our super stars! We want costumes, we want glitter, we want impossibly shiny shoes and lots of them! I can watch my sister schlep around the house in the same outfit all day, I want you to be better than that. Ricky... I salute you, you magnificent bastard.

Of course, the concert itself was also spectacular. Nothing short of a light show to rival a NYE fireworks display, in fact - and the man of the hour looked like he genuinely wanted to be there - which can be said of all touring artists. But what I always get an extra kick out of it, is the people watching. What does a KiKi fan wear to watch one of the most fabulous men on the circuit? Do you compete? Or do you tone it all the way down and let the man shine? Let's find out, shall we...











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Emma Markezic

Emma is an author and columnist – she writes about style, sex and everything in between, all while moonlighting as a stand-up comedian. She's funny.

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