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Editor's Blog Pick


Friday, 01 November 2013 08:36

Free People Free The People

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With Topshop, Zara and soon H&M and Uniqlo peddling their goodies on our shores, Australia seems to suddenly be the retail hub du jour. Which, let me tell you as I put down my new Pottery Barn mug so I can type it in shouty capitals, I AM ALL FOR! Viva la choice.

What I am also happier than a kid with a Bubble-O-Bill about, is that even the ones that aren't setting up shop here like River Island and Free People are sitting up and taking notice. The latter have just launched express shipping to Oz, which means - apart from FREE shipping for anything that rings in at over $100 - you can get your goods to your door in a couple of days for just $10. Which is good, because who wants to wait two weeks for a cute new skirt. The way trends work these days the cute skirt trend may well be over and then where does that leave you?! With the beginnings of a really cute sluttty pumpkin outfit for Halloween 2014, that's where. So yeah - express shipping is where it's at. I mention this mostly because someone made an adorable crafty video and I love adorable crafty things. Check it!

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Emma Markezic

Emma is an author and columnist – she writes about style, sex and everything in between, all while moonlighting as a stand-up comedian. She's funny.

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