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Monday, 17 February 2014 13:13

Is Couples Dressing Making A Comeback?

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Image via: Refinery 29

Where has Couples Dressing been you ask? I hear from an unreliable source it's been in rehab.

The Beckhams were once notorious for it, Kim and Kanye have started doing it and Britney and Justin are still those denim looks, but now THE power couple to end all power couples (oh wait, they might be just a whisker behind Mr. and Mrs. Carter) have dipped their, what I can only imagine to be perfectly manicured toes into same-same outfits, will we be seeing a comeback of sorts? 

While it's easy to poke fun at this silly display loved up coupleness, it does have its advntages I suppose. You can cut shopping time in half by only having to visit one store, you might get some kind of discount for racking up a bigger bill, if you're online shopping you can divvie up the shipping costs and if you lose your partner at a party or on the red carpet (we've all been there!) you can easily find them by describing him as 'Looking just like me, but will smaller breasts'.

Couples dressing is a little hard for me. For starters, I'm a Hobbity 5ft and a bit while my gentleman caller is 6'4ft so it can be difficult to find a look at works on both of us. High-wasited flares? Perfect for my leggy mate, but not so great on me. Mini skirts? Perfect! Love mini skirts, lengthen the pins, but troublesome when the man is trying to continue on with his day as a plumber. Too many wolf whistles on the site you see. 

So, while I may be entitled this post 'Is Couples Dressing Making A Comeback?' what I really mean is, 'When You Dress Like Your Partner You Both Look Like Massive Knobs'. 

Image via:

Alex Thompson

Alex is theEDIT’s resident fashion guru. Need to know if you can wear spots with florals? Want to know what a gillet is? Alex has the answers. And then some.

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