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Editor's Blog Pick


Thursday, 13 March 2014 11:49

We Heart Nicole Trunfio For QVB

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One of Australia’s most successful models, Perth beauty Nicole Trunfio, has come home to roost. But not only will the willowy brunette be roosting, she’ll also be featuring on THE FACE alongside world champion phone thrower and Super (DUPER) Model Naomi Campbell and fellow Aussie Cheynne Tozzi in search of the next big elbow. Oh wait, no, face, it’s face, as in model.

Of course Trunfio still has time to show a little love for Aussie retailers, and has fronted the new QVB campaign rocking out some of their eclectic wares, all with a very royal twist. In between shooting the glorious campaign the New York-based model and actress sat down to answer some hard-hitting questions

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Why are you in Sydney? And where is home for you now?

I'm so happy to be back in Sydney even if it’s just for one day. I'm shooting for the QVB with such an amazing team so all round excitement.

Tell us about the QVB shoot day? Are there any fun/interesting anecdotes you can share with us?

I loved working with QVB. I got to shoot with the sweetest most beautiful little girl. That was a good moment.

Your star seems to continue to be on the rise, how important to you is it to still do campaigns for Australian retailers and brands?

It is especially important for me to be working in Australia, and with Australian retailers. Australia is such a part of me, I grew up here, and all my creative expression comes from here. The fashion industry in Australia is family to me.


What do you love most about shooting in Australia and how does it differ from shooting in any of the other major cities around the world?

I love the gorgeous locations Australia has to offer, the calibre of work here, and how free-spirited everyone is. It's also great to go have a swim down on Bondi Beach after a day in studio.

What do you miss most about Australia? And what is the first place you visit when you are in town?

I miss sausage rolls, Sydney shopping, the gorgeous Bondi to Bronte coastline, the restaurants, the sun, a good old laugh and a stubby.


What do you love about living in New York? Any tips on your favourite hot spots?

I love having NYC as my base. My apartment is my glass castle in the sky, where I have 360 degree view of the entire city. It's unlike anything else I’ve seen. I have my little hideouts that I eat and drink at, the museums are great, and the people are interesting. NYC is the City of Big Dreams. I love it.

How did you get into modelling? Was it something that you always aspired to do?

I was scouted by Christine Fox. I won Perth City Face (The Search for a Supermodel), which led to FORD Supermodel of the World competition. I was the runner-up, and got signed to work in NYC. I pretty much moved to NYC right away. I always wanted to be a lawyer or a pro motocross rider when I was growing up.

What is your most memorable moment working in fashion?

Working with Tom Ford on GUCCI! Oh, and Richard Avedon, one of the greatest photographers that ever lived! But I love working in Australia too, memorable moments are always made.

Do you have any favourite people in the industry that you love shooting with?

That's such a hard question. Can't answer that! You know you are out there!

Do you have any new exciting projects coming up?

I am one of the coaches on The FACE launching on FOXTEL March 4th. I also shot a movie called Paper Planes directed by the amazing Robert Conoly & Sam Worthington.


Do you have any advice for those starting out in the modelling industry?

Be yourself and never forget where you came from. Treat your body like a business, take care of it and look after yourself. Put yourself first, create boundaries and stay true to those boundaries. Don't let anyone take advantage of you! Know your worth. Keep people around you who know you, love you and make you a better person. Don’t take no for an answer. Believe in your dreams and never stop loving!

How do you unwind after a hard day’s work?

Cuddles from my boyfriend, long showers, scented candles, movies in bed, white tea and a comfy couch surrounded by fresh flowers from the flower market.

What is your sartorial philosophy? Describe your fail-safe outfit.

I love the 60s and 70s. I love feeling comfortable and cosy. I love Tom Ford chic and Bianca Jagger. When all else fails I go for all black, with leather details.


What are the key trends you are picking up on most recently?

Boyfriend jeans, an array of hats, and anything Givenchy.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 12.54.52 PM

Image via: @nictrunfio on Instagram

Social media, in particular Instagram, has become such a big part of models building their own brands. What is it that you enjoy most about your own social media platforms and how does it contribute to your career as a model?

I think social media gives you your own voice. It's a good way to connect with fans, show them who you are and hear them too!


Alex Thompson

Alex is theEDIT’s resident fashion guru. Need to know if you can wear spots with florals? Want to know what a gillet is? Alex has the answers. And then some.

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