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Monday, 07 April 2014 10:46

Is Fake Fur Just As Bad As The Real Thing?

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I’ve talked about my battle with fakes before, or in the case of these Isabel Marant-y sandals, the fine line between fakes and ‘heavily referenced’ items. Is it OK to wear items that are almost identical to a fancy schmancy designer piece if the label isn’t claiming to be the real deal? I’m still on the fence, but erring on the side of, ‘Not OK’.

Now that the cool weather in rolling in like an unwelcome long-lost relative that farts on your couch and hogs the bathroom during peak hours, my thoughts have turned to faking fur. Now, I would never buy anything made of real fur, but I’m shy of being a paint-throwing PETA activist on the issue because I’m a card-carrying meat eater, and I kinda feel like a hypocrite poo-pooing people who choose to wear fur with a gob full of pork ribs. This of course is a very complicated matter, there are the issues of how the animals in each case are being treated and so on and so forth, but as I don’t consider myself educated enough on this subject I’m not going to wade into the murky, murky waters of red paint and anti-Kim Kardashian protests.

So, I’m eventually getting to my point here…and it is, does wearing fake fur help the anti-fur campaign? Or does seeing a layer of fur, even the fake kind, on the backs of every street style starlet and fashion editor just keep the ideal of fur being super fashionable at the forefront on consumers minds? Confusing, huh?

This little thought popped into my head when on the scout for my very own furry friend to snuggle up to this winter. While perusing (scrolling) the virtual aisles of a few of my favourite online stores looking for a faux-fur something I began clicking on a winner and then would immediately ask myself if it ‘looked real enough’. My shopping ground to a halt by this thought. If I’m looking for something that looks so much like real fur am I OK with everyone thinking I’m actually wearing a genuine pelt? I don’t think I am. So should I just shelve the fur idea completely? It’s confusing, and exhausting. So instead I’ve bought myself a pair of new boots.


Turns out, the path to being even a faux-fur wearer is a rocky one.

Would you be comfortable with people thinking your wearing real fur even if you’re not? 

Alex Thompson

Alex is theEDIT’s resident fashion guru. Need to know if you can wear spots with florals? Want to know what a gillet is? Alex has the answers. And then some.

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