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Sunday, 09 December 2012 10:43

What To Buy Your Peeps For Christmas!

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Who: Your boyfriend.
What: iPod Nano, $169, buy here.
Note: The new Nano is made for exercise freaks. I'll be pre-uploading a jogging playlist and PUMPTFit on there to boot. Then I will be borrowing it on a daily basis until we forget who really owns it and it ends up living in my handbag for good.

Who: Your sister.
What: Nike Dunk Sky High Trainers, $144.50, buy here
Note: I imagine when my sister unwraps these she'll say, "Shut the front door! Nikes with neon trims! You're the best big sister ever!" And it will be true.

Who: Your sister's boyfriend.
What: A Survival Guide For Life by Bear Grylls, $27.95, buy here.
Note: My sister's BF spent half this year growing a dirty mountain man beard and hurtling himself down the world's ski slopes... he's going to love this.

Who: Your KK.
What: Gama Go Stache Straws, $9, buy here
Note: If they don't like these, they aren't worth knowing. The end.

Who: Your sweaty friend.
What: Lush Dirty Body Spray, $19.95, buy here.
Note: I have a smelly tradie friend who's getting this... it's not subtle, but he'll thank me later.

Who: Your bestie.
What: Galliano Cocktail Shaker Set, $33, buy here.
Note: The makings of a stellar espresso martini night... to which I will be inviting myself. 

Who: Your mum.
What: Laguiole 12 Piece Cutlery Set, $88, buy here.
Note: My mum is sick for this French brand. Sick I tell you! She "hinted" she wanted these... I happily complied.

Who: Your nephew.
What: Regent Quoits, $25, buy here.
Note: Okay, I don't have any nephews... I bought this for myself.

Who: Your out-of-town cousin.
What: Evo Dry Follicles Unite Pack, $70, buy here.
Note: I haven't seen my cousin Alice for two years... But Facebook tells me she still has hair so, voila!

Intro image via: Atypical Type A.

Emma Markezic

Emma is an author and columnist – she writes about style, sex and everything in between, all while moonlighting as a stand-up comedian. She's funny.

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