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Tuesday, 10 September 2013 11:37

Miley Almost Got It Right

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Miley 'I'm-Not-A-Disney-Princess-Anymore' Cyrus has done it again. She's got the whole world talking (except Anna Wintour who reportedly has blacklisted her from Vogue's pages). Following her ridiculously raunchy VMA performance, Miley has one-upped it with her 'Wrecking Ball' film clip directed by controversial photographer Terry Richardson. Wearing only a white cropped tank, knickers, cherry Dr. Marten's and a swipe of red lippy Cryrus inexplicably thrusts about on a wrecking ball and slobbers all over a sledge hammer. Then in true Miley style, she does it nude too.

I actually really like this song, and think that Miley looks really great in it, but why the heck does she need to be nude? If she'd just managed to keep a little clobber on, quit licking tools and refrained from 'chucking a leggy' she could've nailed this. But when you enlist Mr. Terry Richardson, a photographer who has a reputation for talking girls into getting their kit off and (apparently) acting inappropriately, I don't imagine producing a family-friendly film clip was ever the intention.

There is a lot of talk going around the internet about this clip, but I think this comment on Refinery 29 has hit on the head what a lot of us are thinking:

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 11.47.23 AM



Alex Thompson

Alex is theEDIT’s resident fashion guru. Need to know if you can wear spots with florals? Want to know what a gillet is? Alex has the answers. And then some.

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